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23.3.2018 : 14:02


Thank you for your interest in the results of BeFemto. The main deliverables of this project are available to everybody without cost. We would however like to know who our customers and users of our results are. Please fill in your address details below.

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The following deliverables with an linked abstract are available (as submitted to the European Commission):

Del. no. Deliverable name Workpackage No. Nature Dissemination level Delivery date
D1.1 Website of the project 1 O PU M1
D1.2 Evaluation of progress status of the project, issue 1 1 R CO M12
D2.1 (Abstract) Description of baseline reference systems, use cases, requirements, evaluation and impact on business model 2 R PU M12
IR3.2 (Abstract) Radio Access Specs and Promising Techniques for Indoor Standalone Femtocells 3 R PU M12
D4.1 (Abstract) Promising SON enabling & multi-cell RRM techniques for networked femtocells 4 R PU M12
D5.1 (Abstract) Femtocell access control, networking, mobility, and management concepts 5 R PU M12
D6.1 (Abstract) Selection of scenarios for proof of concept testbeds and specifications for key building blocks functionalities and interfaces 6 R PU M12
D7.1 (Abstract) Standardization and Dissemination Activities and Results 7 R PU M12
D4.2 (Abstract) SON enabling techniques (final) 4 R PU M21
D1.3 Evaluation of progress status of the project, issue 2 1 R CO M24
D2.2 (Abstract) The BeFEMTO system architecture 2 R PU M24
D3.1 (Abstract) RF front-end solutions 3 R PU M24
IR3.3 (Abstract) Promising Interference and Radio Management Techniques for Indoor Standalone Femtocells 3 R PU M24
D4.3 (Abstract) Multi-cell RRM for networked femtocells (final) 4 R PU M24
D5.2 (Abstract) Femtocell access control, networking, mobility and management mechanisms (final) 5 R PU M24
D6.2 (Abstract) Integration of selected algorithms into platforms & interfaces finalization 6 R PU M24
D1.4 Final project report 1 R CO M30
D2.3 (Abstract) The BeFEMTO system concept and its performance 2 R PU M30
D3.2 (Abstract) Interference and RRM solutions for indoor standalone femtocells 3 R PU M30
D4.4 (Abstract) Integrated SON techniques for femtocells radio access 4 R PU M30
D5.3 (Abstract) Evaluation report of femtocells networking, mobility and management solutions 5 R PU M30
D6.3 (Abstract) Final proof of concepts validation, results and analysis 6 R PU M30
D7.2 (Abstract) Final report on the standardisation and dissemination activities of the project 7 R PU M30

[1]              R =  Report, P =  Prototype, D =  Demonstrator, O = Other

[2]              Measured in months from the project start date (Month 1).

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