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1 October 2012

After 2.5 Years...

BeFEMTO can claim 27 Standards contributions (3GPP, Small Cell Forum, ETSI), 59 Conference...

Broadband Evolved FEMTO Networks

The aim of BeFEMTO is to develop evolved femtocell technologies based on LTE-A that enable a cost-efficient provisioning of ubiquitous broadband services and support novel usage scenarios like networked, relay  and mobile femtocells.

The project targets both near-term and long-term solutions. With its strong industry consortium, the BeFEMTO project aims to have a real impact on the standardisation of the next generation Femtocell technologies based on LTE-A in the near term. In the long-term, the project focuses on novel concepts and usage scenarios such as self-organizing and self-optimizing Femtocell Networks, Outdoor Relay Femtocells as well as Mobile Femtocells.


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